Culture - Who defines it - people or governance?

Vineet Maheshwari, 19 May 2015, Gurgaon
Categories: governance
Tags: culture collective thinking negativity leadership

To start writing this, an old adage is most apt to describe it - “Jaisa raja waisee praja” (as is the king, so are the people). Debate is can it is said in reverse order - as are the people so is the king? Yes, one may argue, it is the people only who make choice, good or worse. But is it that such choice could create a great nation. My answer is “No”. Being elected is one thing, delivering governance is another.

Motivation of this subject came from

Pull some quotes from Chanakya Neeti Comparison of Gurgaon v/s Chandigarh and difference of years Pull how Ashoka had planned, if available.. What Devdutt has to say about, this culture How does competence play an important role here?