Early motivation came to Vineet, from the daily race for time and reduced cooperation/colaboration in social setup. Neighbors don’t say “Hi” to each other, forget to expect them knowing illness. It has become a city of piegon holes. This has created a divide, which is unethically being exploited by businesses and more so by builders. Law stands as mute spectator. One can easily sense, the escalated price levels, poor law enforcement. Another symptom of this is the growing single occupancy cars, mushrooming corporate structured K-12 schools, mushrooming costly entertainment centers. People here have money, but no time. People have got into the habit of staying independent. This, he believes, can’t last long if a society has to sustain.

Amidst this, there are people, who are tied to traditional way of living and still believe in living, sharing things together. They fail in their attempt to bring down this hyper city culture. They are forced to stay on inspite of dislikes because of other bindings like children education, job.

Second motivation

is recently added, where, this application tries to look at eco system of onine shopping from small sellers perspective, who have a fixed set of daily customers. Many are trying to create platform where they will destroy smalltime companies by being pulled into their platform, riding on their brands. No doubt doing business has become easier, but the business man is fast loosing that personal touch and the captive customers. Is technology enabler missing for them? What is required, which should be more than platform?

May be true for all Metros, possibly.

What it is?

Answer to this second motivation clearly defined the path forward i.e. Ease of creating Apps for these small players Ability for them to create communities for their captive customers to communicate, capture, track, deliver

This may be a counter force or balancing act against prevalent online shopping push. Only time will tell, if it succeeds or fails. # Roadmap An early pilot with a daily delivery shop shall be carried out by July 2015. More enhanced version is expected to be rolled out by end of this year 2015. A funding for this project, creating a team, can enable a faster delivery. # Challenges Vineet looks for help in UX design on contract or other possible options including a voluntary help. Vineet also look forward to help to test the concept in close circles before big launch. You may like to reach out to him.