Opportunities change every moment and so is the person as he learns through his experiences. Change is the only constant. With an intent to find a best fit and also be of use to someone, here are different profiles.

Why multiple profiles?

Vineet has worked in different contexts:

Job on the other hand many times require one or more of these combinations. Putting all of them together, becomes confusing. Breaking them up will help you to look at relevant resume which suites best for the hat you may want me to wear in your opportunity. Breaking up whole experience kind of put him on disadvantage, as the net-experience will be much less than what total experience it would be.

Vineet believes, a person is a sum-total of his experiences and each one of them count at work. He is also strong believer of equal capabilities with all, differences are made only when attitudes to deliver differs. In long run, initial ramp-up phase is much smaller than the efforts one invests to get things out of the factory.

Learning is an ever-lasting process, only the subjects keep changing.